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My Rug Is Worn Out, What Should I Do?

My Rug Is Worn Out, What Should I Do?

Handmade area rugs and oriental rugs are known to last forever and take a beating from the elements but sometimes even the strongest rugs look like they might need to retire.

Colors may fade, moths may get at the edges underneath furniture and the ends might start to unravel.

The good news is that hope is not lost.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT throw away your prized carpet and family heirloom into the dumpster.

There are many other ways to keep using your antique oriental rugs.

1. Make Pillows

San Diego Rug Pillow

If you've got scrap pieces of a rug or the rug is badly damaged beyond repair, a great way to keep using it is to make pillows out of it.

You can do this yourself or come bring it in to us at San Diego Rug Cleaning & Repair.

Having more pillows in your more home is never a bad idea.

2. Hang Up Your Rug

Handmade Rug Hanging on Wall San Diego

No, I don't mean retiring your rug.

What I mean is actually hanging your antique rug.

If your rug is totally worn out and you have no floor space in your home, just put it on a wall.

They are a great way to add luxury to a room.

And when your friends come to visit, they make a great home item to talk about.

Let them know where you got it and how old it is.

3. Use Your Handmade Rug as Table Cover

Rug Table Cover - San Diego

Thin handmade rugs can also be used to cover small coffee or side tables.

They can also be used underneath lamps on tables as well.

4. Sell Your Rug

Handmade Area Rug San Diego

If you can't find a use for your handmade rug anymore, NEVER ..... EVER ..... throw it away!

Handmade rugs can be used forever.

Instead of throwing them away, sell them.

The easiest way is to sell them online on Ebay or Craigslist.

There will always be people ready to buy handmade rugs.

The market for antique rugs will never ever go away.

If you want cash quicker or or want to sell it faster, sell it to a local rug retailer or rug cleaner.

We here at San Diego Rug Cleaning & Repair don't just clean and repair rugs in San Diego, but we also buy all handmade area rugs.

Bring it in to us and we'll immediately give you a price for it.


Contact us Today for a Free Rug Cleaning Quote.

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