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7 Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home

Adding luxury to your home doesn't mean breaking the bank or going all out. There are many cost effective ways that create a luxurious yet understated and subtle feel to your home.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get you started:

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1. Go metallic. Metallic home décor accessories add warmth and elegance, and are very in at the moment. Reflective gold, silver and copper pieces can be placed on bookshelves, mantle pieces and on bedside tables. They can also be artwork and even furniture pieces like coffee tables. So hit up the local op shop or try spray-painting your own, like jars for fresh flowers. You can find great deals on craigslist and create your own DIY pieces.

2. Think big. Try oversized European pillows or large designer rugs for an extra luxurious feel. If you're lucky enough to have natural sunlight, use it to your advantage and use mirrors to make your room look more spacious. Large, inexpensive machine made rugs can make a room look very luxurious without spending a ton of money.

3. Add bookshelves. Shelving adds depth and provides a place for all your items to be stored, and showcases your favourite decorative items out of the way but in line of sight. Modern bookshelves are very inexpensive and can be found at places like Target and Walmart.

4. Layering with flooring, trims and pillows. Layer your floor with a plush area rug and place lush cushions on sofas to add comfort and style. This goes for both the living room and bedrooms.

5. Get arty. If you've got a blank wall space, a piece of art adds a whole new element of luxury to the room. Remember, art doesn't have to be expensive, you can even check out the markets and local op shops for unique art pieces.

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6. Less is more. One of the biggest ways you can add luxury to your home is to clear away clutter. Clutter not only makes you feel more stressed, it takes away the room's focal point, which many luxurious-feeling rooms have. You don't always need to fill the room. Instead, keep it spacious.

7. Don't forget the bathroom! Pamper yourself with big, fluffy towels, a soft bath rug or mat and plenty of storage. Candles engage your senses and greenery adds colour in bathrooms too, adding a luxe feel.

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