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Rug Pads and Why They Are Important

Introduction to Rug Pads

It is very important to protect your floors when using area rugs. The best way to do so is through the use of a rug pad. There are many benefits when using rug pads. The most important thing to remember is that they act as a barrier between your rug and the floor. This means that they will protect your rug from any wear that the floor may cause, as well as protect your floor from any scratching that may be caused by the rug. They will also hold the rug in place and improve the comfort of the rug. Rug pads are a very inexpensive, but important, addition to a rug purchase.


Rug pads increase the overall safety of a rug. Many times rugs will slip and may cause tripping hazards. A rug pad will eliminate this issue. It will prevent the rug from shifting around and causing folds that can be very hazardous. Rugs pads can secure heavier rugs made of wool and also lighter rugs that are more prone to shifting. Non-slip rugs are especially important if there are any children or elderly people in your home.


A rug pad will also add an extra layer of cushioning between the ground and the rug. This will make the surface of the rug feel softer and warmer. The extra layer also improves the insulation that your rug provides.


If you have an aging rug, you know that the underside normally shows the first signs of wear. This wear eventually works its way up to the visible side of the rug. A rug pad will provide additional protection for the underside of your rug, as well as the floor itself. Dust and dirt debris can often scratch wood or tile floors. A rug pad prevents unnecessary, damaging friction.


A rug pad offers an inexpensive way to protect your rug investment, as well as the floors in your home. A rug pad provides additional safety, comfort, and protection. It also adds additional breathability, which is important for allergy sufferers or rugs that may experience moisture at some point. It’s important to select a rug pad that will work with your flooring and provide the necessary benefits you’re seeking.

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