When it comes to rug cleaning, Shag Rugs are probably the hardest type of rug to maintain and clean. 

They are thick, heavy and usually quite large. 

They can also be quite a pain to clean. 

That being said, they can still be cleaned  just like any other type of rug.


Ikea plans to roll out a new range of rugs and textiles made by Syrian refugees in 2019.

The initiative is expected to create jobs for about 200 Syrian refugees living in Jordan, most of them women.

"The situation in Syria is a major tragedy of our time, and Jordan has t...

One thing you should know before you buy a rug is how to clean it.

That’s right: how to clean it.

If you already know you’re buying a new rug, good for you. But in a few months you’re most likely going to want to clean it and you’re going to wish you had read this articl...

Although it is simple to create a functional rug with purchased fabrics, it can be more resourceful and economical, and even more rewarding, if done with recycled materials.

Recycling worn clothing and other home fabrics may seem like a no-brainer, but in fact there are...

When looking for a new rug to purchase for your home in San Diego, it’s likely you have an idea what room it’s for. You probably have a color or design in mind, but you may not be sure what size rug is best for that room, as well as where exactly it should be placed.




Cyrus Yaraghi of Safavieh says machine-made vintage Persian rug looks have touched today's consumers and fostered innovation in the industry.

Retailers and designers shopping the Atlanta International Rug Market (one of the big...

Area Rug Cleaning & How It's Done

Before a homeowner decides to clean the rug, they should identify the kind of material that has been used in the making of their home rugs. Berber, Oriental or Persian rugs are made from diverse materials and each material used requires...

5 Home Improvement Projects for San Diego Homes



Here in San Diego, summer is an excellent time to start looking at areas of your home that might need some remodeling.


With cold winters and wet springs, a house can endure a lot of seasonal stressors.


Wind, snow, ice an...

San Diego Rug Cleaning & Repair:

Wash Video



Here is a short video of our team washing a couple of handmade rugs


We don't outsource our cleaning jobs. 


We do everything ourselves. 


Many local rug retailers in San Diego including Outrageous Rugs, send their rugs to us...

Tips on How to Take Care and Protect Handmade Area Rugs



In this rug blog post we'll discuss the maintenance and long term care of hand knotted or handmade wool area rugs including carpets and oriental rugs. 


Some people think that because oriental handmade rugs are va...

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